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Preparing for a Fire Safety Inspection: A Fire Inspection Checklist

February 16 2024

Fire safety is a paramount concern for any establishment, be it a business, school, or residential building. Regular fire safety inspections are essential to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. By preparing thoroughly for a fire safety inspection, you not only protect the lives of occupants but also safeguard your property and reputation. Here we will look at the steps you can take to help you prepare for a successful fire safety inspection and how Snapfix can help your organisation improve their fire safety. 

Understand Fire Safety Regulations: 

Before anything else, familiarise yourself with the fire safety regulations that apply to your establishment. Fire safety codes and regulations vary depending on the type of building and its intended use. Contact your local fire department or relevant authorities to obtain the latest copies of the fire safety codes and ensure your establishment adheres to all requirements. 


Conduct a Self-Assessment: 

Perform a comprehensive self-assessment of your establishment's fire safety measures. This includes inspecting fire exits, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and any other fire safety equipment. Address any deficiencies promptly and maintain detailed records of maintenance and inspections. With Snapfix, you can create custom checklists making sure your fire walks are always on schedule.


Create a Fire Safety Plan: 

Develop a well-documented fire safety plan that outlines procedures for fire prevention, evacuation, and emergency response. The plan should include evacuation routes, assembly points, and the responsibilities of designated personnel in case of a fire. Conduct regular fire drills to ensure all occupants are familiar with the evacuation procedures. 


Train Staff and Occupants: 

Proper training is crucial in ensuring everyone in your establishment is aware of fire safety protocols. Educate employees and occupants on fire prevention, identifying potential hazards, and the correct usage of fire safety equipment. Regular training sessions reinforce fire safety awareness and foster a culture of safety. Your whole team can learn to use Snapfix with minimal effort allowing them to easily pass, flag or fail checklists items and leave-notes. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your fire safety equipment checks and fire walks are being conducted and fully completed with the help of the whole team.


Organise Essential Documentation: 

Gather and organise all relevant fire safety documentation for the inspection. This includes fire safety plans, maintenance records of fire safety equipment, inspection reports, and certificates of compliance. Having organised documentation readily available demonstrates your commitment to fire safety. By using Snapfix, your organisation can track all the work carried out, and know the status of all fire safety checks in real-time and with a full audit trail. Simply put, it is the easiest way to keep track of your statistics and data.


Schedule Professional Inspections: 

Hire a qualified and certified fire safety inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of your establishment. Professional inspectors have the expertise to identify potential fire hazards and verify that your fire safety measures meet the required standards. Address any issues raised during the inspection promptly. 


Regular Maintenance and Testing: 

Regular maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment are crucial for effective fire prevention. Snapfix allows you to schedule routine inspections and testing of fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and emergency lighting and also to keep accurate records of maintenance activities to demonstrate compliance during the inspection. 


Preparing for a fire safety inspection is a proactive step toward ensuring the safety of occupants and protecting your establishment from potential fire hazards. By understanding fire safety regulations, appointing a Fire Safety Officer, conducting self-assessments, creating a comprehensive fire safety plan, training staff and occupants, organising essential documentation, scheduling professional inspections, and maintaining fire safety equipment, you demonstrate a commitment to fire safety and compliance. 


Snapfix is the simplest fire safety tool in the world and is trusted by businesses in a wide range of industries. It allows you to regularly review and update your fire safety measures to stay in line with evolving regulations and ensure the utmost safety for all. It also fosters a culture of collective responsibility that requires continuous vigilance and adherence to best practices to keep your establishment and its occupants safe from potential fire risks.


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