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Snapfix Is The All-in-One Maintenance & Safety Platform

Manage Work Requests & Reactive Maintenance

Empower everyone on your maintenance team to easily report and resolve issues using the universal language of photos, messages and traffic lights, simply by using their mobile phone.

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Fire, Health & Safety checks & Planned Maintenance

Ensure all your equipment maintenance, health & safety checks, cleaning checks are carried-out on schedule and on time. Your daily Fire & Safety Walks are now being conducted and fully completed to their protocols.

Use NFC Snaptags as proof of being at the location or asset. Ideal for driving accountability.

Reporting & Analytics

Track all the work carried out in real-time, and know the status of each task, piece of equipment and safety checks in real-time and with a full audit trail. All data can be downloaded in PDF or XLSX reports.


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Educators are using Snapfix

Daily Inspections


Snapfix helps my staff keep on top of key tasks that need addressing. I find it particularly useful as I do not have full time cleaning or maintenance staff and it ensures job do not get missed.

quote BallyoughterPrimarySchool2
Padraig O'Connor
Ballyoughter Primary School

Ballyoughter School uses Snapfix for

  • Reactive building maintenance.
  • Cleaning tasks using set checklists.
  • Required Fire Safety checks.

Benefits of Snapfix

  • Improved communications across staff.
  • Save money using a single platform for reactive maintenance and planned checks.
  • Accountability to get things done.

Time saver


Time is always the most precious commodity, and thanks to Snapfix, we have much more of it now. I'd certainly recommend them highly to any school or educational facility.

quote clongowes_new
Denise Nichol
Director of Finance and Administration
Clongowes Wood College

Clongowes Wood College uses Snapfix for

  • Scheduled cleaning tasks across the college.
  • Repring repairs using photos.
  • Planned maintenance tasks using NFC Snaptagging and checklists.

Benefits of Snapfix

  • Easy and efficient communication.
  • Time-saving doing daily tasks.
  • Accountability by tracking progress though the traffic lights.

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