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Snapfix Fair Use Policy

This Fair Use Policy (the “FUP”) sets out the technical limits relating to the use of the Snapfix Service. These upper limits apply to all tiers of the Snapfix Service although lower limits may apply to certain tiers of the Snapfix Service licensed.  Capitalised terms not otherwise defined in this FUP shall have the same meaning as in the Snapfix Terms of Service.

Snapfix reserves the right to amend the terms of this FUP at any time.

Usage of Snapfix is monitored on a continuous basis. Generally speaking, only Licensees that consistently generate high loads over a sustained period of time will be affected by the FUP.

Snapfix understands that Licensees may occasionally have very high volumes of traffic outside of normal usage patterns. In those cases, where this traffic can be predicted, Snapfix requests to be informed with as much notice as possible to ensure that service delivery remains consistently high.


- Average number of transactions per minute per User: 10 This average is calculated over a 24 hour period.
- Overall transactions should not increase by more than 50% over a single 24-hour period when compared to the average daily usage observed over the preceding 7 days.
- Transactions should not increase by more than 50% over any 2-minute interval when compared to the average transaction volume over the preceding 7 days.

- Max number of groups per Subscriber: 100
- Max number of active tasks per group: 500 (excluding archived tasks)
- Max number of tasks per group: 5000
- Max number of transactions per task: 500
- Max transactions per User per day: 500
- Max storage per Subscriber (transactions, images, videos etc.): 500Gb