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How To Reduce Inconsistencies

Join Paul McCarthy, the founder of Snapfix, as he shares valuable insights on streamlining processes to minimize inconsistencies and drive operational efficiency.




How Snapfix makes operations teams more efficient

Host Gary Fox says, “I speak from personal experience when I tell you property management is tough. Today's guest is solving the complex problems faced by property owners & managers. Paul McCarthy, the founder of Snapfix, joins me in the studio.





Winning the Maintenance Market with a Focus on Simplicity

This week, Erik and Darwin interviewed Paul McCarthy, Founder and CEO of Snapfix. Snapfix is the simplest maintenance platform on the planet, making maintenance easy with a streamlined system of photos and traffic lights that everyone can use.  Listen here

How to Use a Social Media Inspired Solution to Drive Growth with Paul McCarthy

Revolutionizing Facility Management Operations With Paul McCarthy: How to Use a Social Media Inspired Solution to Drive Growth

Do you want to manage complex systems and processes for facility management operations? Or are you struggling to communicate with building management and maintenance teams? Listen here

7. Newstalk

Building Maintenance Made Easy With Snapfix

Bobby Kerr of Newstalk's Down To Business podcast is joined by our very own CEO & Founder, Paul McCarthy, and Sinead Boyle, Rooms Manager at Haddington House to discuss how Snapfix is the future for managing buildings & teams. Listen to it above.

8. Hospitality Mavericks

Getting Operations Done Faster and Better

Paul sat down with the Hospitality Mavericks podcast to share why hotel teams love Snapfix, & the importance of workplace tech being as good, if not better than consumer tech like WhatsApp. Listen to it here.

3. Slick Talk

HITEC Interview

Snapfix CEO & Founder, Paul McCarthy, is interviewed by Wil Slickers of Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast at the HITEC event in Orlando, Florida. Listen to how Snapfix streamlines housekeeping and is loved by hotel teams across the world here.

2. WTF - Walk the Floors

Snapfix at HITEC

 Paul joins hospitality consultants Stephanie Leger & Michele Kline of WTF! - Walk The Floors podcast in Orlando, Florida for HITEC 2022. Listen here.

6. The OPEX

Leading Gents Series

Snapfix CEO & Founder Paul McCarthy was interviewed by Marianne Rutz for the Leading Gents Series on The Operational Excellence Show. Check out the interview here.

5. SaaS story

Getting Your Market to Switch to Your Product

Snapfix CEO & Founder, Paul McCarthy joins Matt Wolach on the SaaS-Story in the Making podcast and shares tips on how to get your market to switch to your product. Listen here.

10. Maxpodcasting

Simplicity Super

Check out episode #217 of the Wild Business Growth podcast where our CEO & Founder, Paul McCarthy, talks to Max Branstetter of MaxPodcasting about building the simplest maintenance platform in the world! Listen to it here.

9. Ryan Staley-1

Creating the Instagram of Building Maintenance and Management

Paul had the pleasure to sit down with Ryan Staley of The Scale Up Show to discuss his 25+ years in the software industry and founding the "Instagram" of maintenance. Check out the podcast here.

11. Raw and Real

Innovating Through Frustration

Listen to our episode on the Raw And Real Entrepreneurship With Susan Sly podcast where we discuss innovating through frustration and how to create a multi-million dollar company in a niche market. Listen here.


Manage your Property with Ease

Paul had the pleasure to sit down with Shira Ali on the "Manage Your Property With Ease" podcast. Find out what makes Snapfix different to other maintenance platforms here.


The Story of Snapfix

Noah Labhart of the "Code Story" podcast interviews Paul on how Snapfix came to be the simplest operations platform in the world. Listen to it here.


Accepting Life's Tragedies

Robert White, of the Conversations with Achievers podcast, talks with Snapfix CEO and Founder, Paul McCarthy. Listen to it here

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 14.46.57

Serving with Simplicity

Paul sat down with Steve Ramona of the "Doing Business with a Servant's Heart" podcast to discuss our game-changing solution and the power of simplicity! Tune in here.

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