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PMS (1)

Hospitality PMS systems


Guestline offers an intelligent property management solutions cover all aspects of running a hospitality business, from managing bookings and payments to streamlining the organisation of events.

Snapfix connects to the Guestline Reslynx PMS for the following use cases:
- Room status
- Housekeeping daily operations
- Guest requests



Opera Property Management System has a proven track record as the leading Management Solution of the Hotel Industry. By combining Functionality with mobility, security and integration Oracle offers a robust platform for your future in Hospitality.


Snapfix connects to Oracle Cloud PMS for the following use cases:
- Room status
- Housekeeping daily operations
- Guest requests

IoT (1)

IoT systems


The Acutrace Energy Measurement Platform allows users to pinpoint exactly where and when Energy is being used – and wasted - and helps them take corrective action.


Acutrace creates real-time work orders within Snapfix if an energy threshold is exceeded. Your engineering or facilities team can then investigate and resolve any issues. 


Supported Single Sign On (SSO) systems



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