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Introducing Snapfix QR Codes

February 16 2024

Snapfix QR Mug


Introducing Snapfix QR Codes.  And the best news… they are FREE to our valued customers.


Now your team can use a custom QR Code, to report issues, create work-orders and make requests.  


No App Required.  A user can scan the QR with their smartphone, take a photo, add some text, and the task instantly appears in your Snapfix group.  


How simple is that !


Your free custom QR is now available - just go to the settings section of your Group, and tap on the QR icon.  You can share the QR Code or the QR Link.  And remember, you can have a different QR per group.


Or contact customersupport@snapfix.com and we will help you to get your QR’s up and running.


The future is simple !  

Snapfix QR Tent Card (ok) 


Snapfix QR Poster (1)


We are happy to help get your QR's setup.  Please contact customersupport@snapfix.com or complete the form below.


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