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Snapfix's Latest Updates: Streamline Your Workflows & Boost Efficiency

December 5 2023

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In the fast-paced world of operations and maintenance, staying ahead requires a tool that not only keeps up but sets the pace. We're excited to share the latest updates that are set to revolutionise the way you manage operations, maintenance, and work orders


We understand the complexities of your daily tasks, and our commitment to simplicity and efficiency shines through in these game-changing features.

Seamless Asset Management with Snapfix

Many of our customers rely on Snapfix for their buildings and facilities management, and they wanted a simple solution to track and manage their critical equipment. That's why we're proud to announce the Snapfix "Asset Management Module." 

Now, managing your assets and equipment is as effortless as using your smartphone camera. This revolutionary module allows you to seamlessly add photos, videos, documents, notes, map locations, and attributes (e.g. serial numbers, make, model, and warranty expiration dates) - all in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to complex systems and spreadsheets and redefine how your business interacts with operational assets. 


Empower Every Building: Snapfix's QR to Work-Order Module

We believe that every building in the world deserves its own QR code. Which is why we’re excited to introduce our ‘’Custom Free QR’’ to every Snapfix Customer, and the best part about it? ‘’NO APP REQUIRED’’. Users can simply scan the QR code with their phone camera, snap a photo, and add a note.

Consider this: A staff member stumbles upon a flickering light, scans the QR code, snaps a photo, and adds a note. The entire maintenance team is instantly informed, and the issue is swiftly resolved. The "Free QR" for every building is more than a tool; it's an empowerment strategy, turning every occupant into a proactive contributor to your maintenance management efforts.

This not only aids in identifying problems earlier but also ensures faster resolutions, thereby avoiding costly repairs and insurance claims. The future is simplified with Snapfix!

Longer Video Capabilities (up to 60 seconds)

Our original 15-second videos were fantastic for reporting maintenance issues, but you told us you needed longer videos for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Brand Standards,  and Training purposes.

Snapfix now supports videos of up to 60 seconds, opening up a world of possibilities. In response to the diverse needs of its users, Snapfix extends its video capabilities to 60 seconds. It's not just about reporting maintenance issues; it's about comprehensive communication. 

Restrict Photos from Gallery

Control is key. In response to user requests, Snapfix now offers the option to restrict photos to live captures. This fine-tuned control ensures accountability and precision in reporting. In situations where real-time visuals matter most, Snapfix puts the control back in the hands of the user.

Imagine this: You're conducting an inspection, and you need to capture the current state of equipment. With the gallery restriction feature, you eliminate the risk of using outdated photos, ensuring that your documentation is always accurate and up-to-date.

Checklist "Score" Feature

Our checklist feature is more than just a tool; it's a manifestation of efficiency inspired by "The Checklist Manifesto’’. We understand the power of simplicity, and that's why checklists in Snapfix are the epitome of straightforward and effective progress tracking.

Many of you have used Snapfix checklists for inspections, surveys, and audits. Your trust in this tool has driven us to enhance its capabilities. The demand for a "1-5 score" solution was clear, and we're thrilled to announce that it's now live in Snapfix.

Once your team completes a maintenance checklist, they can now assign scores to different aspects of the process. This nuanced scoring system allows for a more detailed analysis of performance, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement. It's a step towards operational excellence with simplicity at its core. Some customers are now using this as part of their Lean Six Sigma (6S) process - watch this space.

Automation and Enhanced User Experience

Time is valuable, and Snapfix recognizes that. Our latest version is designed to save you time and streamline your workflows. Automated checklist workflows, improved task/work-order sorting, and an enhanced user interface create a seamless and efficient navigation experience reducing the risk of errors and enhancing overall efficiency. Managers can now spend less time sorting through tasks and more time focusing on strategic planning.


These features are not just updates; they're the building blocks of your operational success. Stay tuned for more transformative updates from Snapfix, your trusted CMMS software.


At Snapfix, we value your feedback, and we're grateful for your ongoing support. As we continuously innovate, we look forward to seeing how these updates empower you to achieve even greater success. 


To find out more about how Snapfix can help you manage operations, maintenance, and work orders, book a demo today.


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