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Facilities Management: Pathways to Successful Practices

August 23 2023

Successful facilities management is the backbone of well-organised and efficient operations within an organisation. From maintaining physical assets to optimising space utilisation, effective facilities management practices contribute to a conducive and productive environment. In this blog, we will explore the key practices that pave the way for successful facilities management and see how by utilising Snapfix, you can optimise your business operations. 



Develop a Comprehensive Facilities Management Plan:

A well-defined plan serves as the foundation for successful facilities management. It outlines objectives, strategies, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide activities and track progress. The plan should align with the organisation's overall goals and encompass areas like maintenance, space planning, safety measures, sustainability initiatives, and more.


Prioritise Preventive Maintenance:

Implementing a proactive approach to maintenance is essential for avoiding costly breakdowns and downtime. Develop a preventive maintenance schedule that outlines regular inspections, servicing, and repairs for all assets. Utilising a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) like Snapfix to track maintenance tasks, set reminders, and ensure timely interventions can help prevent maintenance issues before they begin to escalate.


Embrace Technology and Data Analytics:

Technology plays a pivotal role in modern facilities management. Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) and IoT devices enable real-time monitoring of building systems, energy consumption, and asset performance. The data analytics section of Snapfix provides insights that drive informed decision-making, such as optimising asset usage and predicting maintenance needs. 


Optimise Space Utilisation:

Efficient space utilisation enhances productivity and reduces operational costs. Regularly assess how space is used and consider flexible work arrangements. Employ space management software to allocate space effectively, accommodate growth, and create collaborative work environments.


Implement Sustainable Initiatives:

Green facilities management practices not only reduce environmental impact but also contribute to cost savings. Integrate energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and waste management protocols. Embrace renewable energy sources and ensure the proper disposal of hazardous materials.


Foster Effective Vendor Relationships:

Vendor management is integral to successful facilities management. Cultivate strong relationships with suppliers, contractors, and service providers. Regularly review contracts, ensure timely deliveries, and maintain open communication to address issues promptly.


Prioritise Health and Safety:

Creating a safe and healthy environment is paramount. Develop comprehensive safety protocols, conduct regular drills, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Snapfix provides weekly and daily inspection reports that will keep you informed on the compliance standards and allow you to establish an emergency response plan to address unexpected situations effectively.


Encourage Employee Engagement:

Engaged employees contribute to a positive working environment. Snapfix involves all staff members in facilities-related decisions. This means that managers will seek their feedback, and address their concerns. By utilising Snapfix, you encourage a culture of responsibility for maintaining the workplace.


Continuous Improvement and Training:

Facilities management practices evolve, and continuous improvement is key. Regularly review processes, gather feedback, and adapt to emerging technologies like Snapfix to stay on top of the most recent trends. Invest in training for facilities teams to keep them updated and skilled in the latest techniques.


Measure and Evaluate Performance:

Establish KPIs that align with your facilities management objectives. Regularly measure and evaluate performance against these metrics. Use the data to identify areas for improvement and adjust strategies accordingly. With the real time dashboard, Snapfix allows you to keep track of work volume, completion percentages, staff productivity and run deep-dives into common issues using the advanced filters.


Successful facilities management is a dynamic endeavour that requires a holistic approach encompassing maintenance, safety, sustainability, technology, and people management. By embracing these practices, organisations can create a conducive and productive environment that contributes to operational excellence, employee well-being, and the achievement of overall business goals. 


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