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What Is NFC Smart Tag Scanning?

April 6 2022

NFC (near-field communication) Smart tags are small devices that consist of a microchip and an antenna. These little coin-size stickers (or plastic tags) can be placed on fire doors, fire extinguishers, or on any equipment. Any data that is stored in these tags is transmitted to a reader (usually a smartphone).

NFC technology was originally incorporated into smartphones in 2011 and is now widely integrated into most phones, regardless of whether they run on iOS or Android.


Your team can now easily report on and collect data from any equipment by simply tapping their mobile phone to an NFC smart tag. Snapfix will instantly record the following:


  • - The users name
  • - The equipment that was scanned
  • - The date and time

Our in-app checklists can also be NFC enabled meaning that the NFC smart tag on a piece of equipment has to be scanned in order for the checklist to be completed. This drives accountability by proving that the user was physically present at the piece of equipment at that time. This is very useful for daily fire walks in hotels for example and can be critical in the event of an audit or inspection.


NFC smart tag scanning makes all equipment checks and inspections easier and efficient as it is extremely fast since the user just has to tap their phone close to the NFC smart tag. No more paperwork or time-consuming forms!


To learn more about how Snapfix can help your team, check out our case study on The Johnstown Estate here.

Booking a demo is easy, contact our team here.

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