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Top Tips For Waterpark Maintenance

September 21 2022

waterpark1Waterpark maintenance is without a doubt the most crucial aspect of waterpark operations. The facilities need to be clean, safe and comfortable for all guests. Not only does good maintenance keep your visitors happy and safe but it minimizes operational costs, prevents downtime of assets and extends your equipment's life expectancy. It’s also proven to be more profitable!

Maintenance and routine inspections should be carried out regularly to ensure your park is in pristine condition and issues such as a water ride being out of order or an abundance of chemicals in the water should be alerted to your team right away.


Below is a short guide on how you can ensure your premises are well maintained.  



One of the first things waterparks should consider in terms of maintenance is to install high-quality equipment. When equipment is of high-quality then your maintenance costs are lowered as the rides will need less repair and replacements. It’s also important to have a professional and qualified manufacturer to install your waterpark equipment.


Having strong and durable equipment in place also decreases the chances of injuries and ultimately public liability claims. Waterpark rides see a lot of use and the last thing any Operations Director or Manager wants to hear about is cracks in a slide’s surface which can cause injury to a guest.


We caught up with Carin Reynen, Managing Director of Water Technology, Inc. who are world leaders in aquatic planning, design & engineering, at the IAAPA EMEA Expo to discuss the importance of maintenance in waterparks.




A comprehensive maintenance plan ensures the safety and comfort of guests, prolongs the life cycle of assets and equipment, and guarantees that your park looks its best at all times.


The maintenance plan should cover the following:

  • Water quality testing - ensure the correct treatment procedures are in place, water needs to have the correct PH balance and the right chemical levels need to be maintained.
  • Water flow check - inspect all electro-mechanical equipment in pump rooms (ballast tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, filters etc.) are working correctly and look out for any leaks in the lines.
  • Safety inspections - check that all your assets are free of wear and tears and all bolted connections are secure and fit properly. 
  • Electrical system check - ensure that all electrical systems and surrounding areas are dry to eliminate the risk of a shock 
  • Drainage system inspections - thoroughly inspect your drains and clear away any blockage-causing debris.
  • Review of all documentation and signage - ensure that all material and equipment certificates, operation and maintenance manuals, and incident/accident log books are up to date. Public safety information and signs should be clear and in full view of visitors.




Implementing technology to streamline your waterpark maintenance can have many benefits. Software systems like Snapfix will help in providing years of uninterrupted service and keep your guests happy. 


All your reactive maintenance and work orders can be recorded in Snapfix. Everyone on your team can easily report issues using the universal language of photos or videos simply by using the Snapfix app on their mobile phone. Issues can be assigned to a particular team member who will then receive a notification on their phone. Teams can provide status updates, ask questions, post photo updates, share documents through our integrated messaging platform.


Snapfix also works with QR Codes so if someone does not have access to the app all they need to do is simply scan the QR code, take a picture of the issue and once submitted the issue will create a task in the app for the waterpark's maintenance & facilities team, it’s that easy!  


Snapfix is also perfect for all your planned maintenance needs. All your inspections such as your safety checks and drainage system checks can be easily scheduled in Snapfix. Our NFC enabled checklists also mean that your inspections are being carried to completion and show proof of location that staff was on-site.


Not only is Snapfix ideal for all your maintenance tasks but it can also be used for storing and accessing all your important documents. All your lifeguard and other certifications can be easily accessed in one place, saving you time in having to go through emails or file folders. As Snapfix is encrypted with end-to-end encryption, you have peace of mind that all your information is kept private and secure.


To learn more about how Snapfix can help your team streamline its waterpark or theme park maintenance operations, watch our short promo video below, or book your free trial here.



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