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The Plaza Hotel - Staff Productivity Case Study

October 4 2021

Louise Boland Maguire is the Operations Manager at The Plaza Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. We sat down with her to find out why she uses Snapfix, and what kind of benefits it brings to her team.

"In January 2020 my new GM asked me to trial Snapfix, and during the trial we found that communication was much better between teams, so we decided to go 100% in and use it as our maintenance management tool. We found that things were easier to control, and we didn’t have any gaps in our communication. With Snapfix the job is done in minutes. Before we started using Snapfix, checking tasks was a longer process for the maintenance team. For example, they needed to check with reception to see if the room was occupied, and now they can check that with the Snapfix App on their phones.

In a 24 hour operation like The Plaza Hotel, the handover times are limited. When you have finished an eight hour busy shift, you don’t want to stand for half an hour explaining what’s done, and what needs to be completed for the morning. With Snapfix the staff starting the new shift can see any outstanding tasks, and this is a big timesaver. Also, for the management team, we can be certain about which rooms are available for guests."

Speed of Problem-Solving, and Logging Issues for Reporting

"Being able to do the full 'Building Safety Log' with Snapfix, and having everything in one place, and up to date, is much more efficient. For example I have a folder in the App that alerts maintenance when fire extinguishers need to be serviced, or when the water safety report needs to be completed. Our maintenance team gets an update automatically from Snapfix, and this is a much more efficient system for the hotel.

When our GM is offsite, Snapfix gives him great insight into what we need, even though he’s in a different location. Snapfix also helps management with planning budgets, for example if our manager sees in Snapfix that we need fire doors serviced he can plan for that in the budget, without ever needing to visit the site.

In terms of reporting, if my manager asks to see what exactly has been done this month I can show him that report in Snapfix. This also helps us with prioritizing jobs, and we can look at outstanding tasks to decide what needs to be done on a monthly basis.

Our Heads of Department really love Snapfix, because they can check on outstanding tasks from home - and when they are on time off they can check on the situation at work. This helps them to plan, and be ready for when they return to work."


Health & Safety is our Top Priority

"Health and safety is our top priority, and Snapfix helps to delegate responsibility and manage that process. Our fire walks are all recorded on Snapfix, and we can download a report from the system if we are audited by a Fire Inspector. With portable appliance testing (PAT) each electrical appliance must be tested and labelled. If the label has been damaged I can put this on the list for maintenance with Snapfix, and we have a record of the details.

We are currently renovating the hotel, and we’ve been using Snapfix for snagging, we got snagging done for 68 bedrooms in less than 24 hours - which is pretty amazing."

Once you try Snapfix you will wonder how you ever lived without it!"

If you manage a hotel or facilities, Snapfix is the ideal solution for your business. Get in touch with our team today to set up a demo.

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