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The Great Reopening

January 26 2022

Hotel Maintenance AppWelcome Back! After two long years, it seems that life is finally coming back to some sort of normality. Restrictions are being relaxed and experts speculate that we’re heading towards the endgame of the pandemic. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel!


The easing of restrictions will benefit the hospitality industry and most employees are returning to the workplace.




The Irish Government has signed off on a full reopening of the hospitality sector. Which now means:

  • The 8 pm curfew ceases to exist
  • Guests no longer have to show their digital COVID certs. 
  • The Government has curtailed: Mandatory table service; Contact details; Six per table; Sitting at all times; One-metre social distancing; and the ban on using bar counters.

This is a huge relief for the Irish tourism and hospitality sectors, as the last two years were full of numerous false starts and deep disappointment as we returned to various lockdowns.

RETURN TO THE OFFICEFacilities Management Software


Employees are now encouraged to return to the workplace on a phased basis after many have spent the last two years working remotely.


Although social distancing limits no longer apply, businesses still have a legal duty to manage the risks to staff and customers.


Employers must follow health & safety guidelines and carry out Covid risk assessments for those staff who are in the office.

Safety measures can include:

  • Minimizing visitors
  • Improving ventilation
  • Using one-way systems
  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing




We must learn to live with Covid, which means solutions must be put in place for any future waves.


Snapfix makes your building covid compliant with better cleaning and hygiene tracking measures:

  • Our NFC Snaptags allow you to scan areas to check when they were last cleaned.
  • Covid cleans can be easily scheduled with our in-app scheduler feature. The Scheduler is also ideal for reminding you to carry out your health & safety inspections.
  • Checklists ensure that every surface and door handle has been cleaned and sanitized. 


Aside from the many benefits of using Snapfix for covid-compliance, it is also hugely beneficial for making sure your building is ready for reopening. Snapfix covers all your facilities management/hotel maintenance needs by:

  • Making communication across teams easy and efficient with its use of photos and instant messaging.
  • Saving you and your team time as issues get resolved quicker which means more time to attend to your guests/visitors and an overall improved guest experience.






To learn more about how Snapfix can help your team, check out our latest case study on The Armada Hotel here.


 Booking a demo is easy, contact our team here.

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