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The Alloy Philadelphia Case Study

April 21 2022

Michael O'Donoghue is General Manager at Concord Hospitality Enterprises (Philadelphia, U.S.), we met him to find out how Snapfix has been helping his team with hotel maintenance at The Alloy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


  • How did you get started with Snapfix?

“Prior to Snapfix, the hotel was exclusively using logistics software for the tracking of all maintenance-related work orders, and for managing the preventative maintenance schedule. We found that system overly complicated and it required extensive training for our team.

Meanwhile, as General Manager, the camera reel on my cell phone consistently had more photos of hotel-related defects than personal photographs! Now, all that work-related data is kept in Snapfix.

When I saw that Snapfix is built around taking photos of maintenance tasks I was intrigued, and we trialled the platform. Then we found that it was a quick, easy platform which could be readily deployed for our team - and works in conjunction with our existing systems. Tasks can be easily allocated to the appropriate person, and I can see when the work is done, it’s really simplified the whole process!

  • What are the top 3 problems that Snapfix solves for you?

Before SnapFix, I would simply take a photo of all defects identified on my daily rounds and text the photo along with the location to my Chief Engineer to address. Many times I would forget to circle back with the Chief Engineer to determine if the work was completed.


Snapfix has allowed me to track the progress of each defect from beginning to completion and has also reduced the number of hotel defect photos on my phone. In addition, our front desk uses Snapfix to follow up with guest-reported requests and defects. Rather than using the old handwritten log sheet, Snapfix has fulfilled this need, allowing us to track and identify trends and eliminate root-cause problems.

  • What's your favourite feature on Snapfix?

The simplicity of the app has removed the need to spend time and energy navigating various components. When I open Snapfix I get a snapshot view of what needs to be done, and this is a big time saver for our team.

  • What does your team think of Snapfix?

All of our department managers have Snapfix on their phones. Many times when new systems are rolled out, there is extensive training required and the appropriate frustration from team members. Snapfix is so user-friendly and intuitive that our team was excited to deploy it - they use it simply because it makes their jobs easier.

  • What about compliance - is Snapfix useful for legal records?

Temperature tracking is a specific use case we have for Snapfix, and we have numerous walk-in food refrigerators and freezers which need to be closely monitored. Our Health Department requires us to retain daily temperature checks, and Snapfix gives a record of this compliance. Prior to Snapfix, we had a paper-based system, so the time-stamped and dated photo of the temperature dial is much easier to manage, and you have the physical proof for compliance records.




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