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Snapfix Has Upgraded its Scheduler with new functionality

November 25 2021

At Snapfix, we take customer feedback very seriously. And ever since we launched the scheduler last April, requests came in for additional cadence granularity and the ability to edit future planned tasks. Functionalities that would make the scheduler more powerful.


We are delighted to announce that, with the latest app store release, it is now easier than ever to schedule a task on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. For example, tasks can now be scheduled every 2 weeks, or every three months, or even every year. 


As well as this, we have rebuilt the entire scheduler from the ground up in order to support future planned tasks edits. This allows you to adjust your schedule for future dates. To make it easy for you, all existing scheduled tasks are migrated to this new version automatically. 

Make sure to update your app to version 6.6.13 to make use of these new features.

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