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Version 6.6.4 is now live on web and mobile app

July 16 2021

We are happy to announce the following features have been added to Snapfix with the release of version 6.6.4 of the mobile app as well as on the web version.


It is now even easier to stay on top of what is happening in your groups. We’ve added a counter at the traffic light to show you where there are tasks with new updates. Once in the task overview, unread tasks have a blue background and tasks with new updates show an additional bright blue line. On top of this, we are now showing the time and date of the last update on the task card.


We’ve also added two features to the checklist that you’ll love. Checklists can now have an optional signature to sign-off on the checklist. This creates an audit line that includes the completion percentage. And to ensure consistency and accountability, it is now also possible to make checklist items mandatory.


Lastly, tasks now have three user types that are associated with it. There is the Creator, the user who initiated the task. Assigned Users, the users who are responsible for completing a task. And then there are Followers, those users who are interested in receiving task updates. 


Over the coming weeks we’ll be updating our dashboard, reports and apps to make full use of this new understanding of a task.


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