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Snapfix Expands its Insights & Analytics Capabilities

June 25 2021


In order to keep track of your tasks, we have expanded the Snapfix reporting capabilities. On the desktop version, reports can now be run across multiple groups. When a customer requests a report, the generated report will be waiting for them in their reporting inbox. 

These are the reports that will be available on the desktop:

  • Task details report (formerly known as the Spreadsheet report), showing details at the task level.
  • Checklist report that includes a task level summary including exception percentage as well as checklist item level details.
  • Time report which shows time between the traffic light stages as well as how long it took to complete a checklist. Great for productivity tracking.
  • Completed tasks by user report (formerly the Completed report) which shows the number of tasks moved to green by each of your team members.
  • Multi task report which for a more visual way of sharing the tasks in your selection. 


For the first time in Snapfix history, the desktop version now includes a visual dashboard where you can easily see how your team is doing or what the status is of your assets. As a start we offer summary views of tasks by traffic light color, group level details, a map of your tasks and additional details on tags and users.

We can’t wait for you to experience these new features, so don’t forget to log in to the desktop version to see the new dashboard and reporting pages.


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