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Photos Don't Need Translation

January 11 2022

By Guest Contributor Stephanie Leger


"See Something, Say Something" 

This is a common phrase in hotels - if you see something that needs attention, then communicate it to the proper department to maintain the mystique of the picture-perfect property.   

When using Snapfix, it is as easy to "See Something, Snapfix Something" in communicating to get the task done and communicating back when the task is complete.

Photos are instant, easy to send, and mobile-friendly when making inspection walks around the property. Photos aren't just for the Housekeeping Department but ALL Departments for cross-communication.

The Housekeeping Department is referred to as the Heart of The House. They clean and maintain everything in the hotel to keep the property fresh and attractive every day. Typically, a new hire room attendant will go through five to ten days of onboarding training; learning room setup, proper cleaning techniques, and chemical safety.

This department is also filled with a diversity of multiple cultural backgrounds. No matter how you say:

"Bed must have clean sheets and corners tucked tightly" in your language. A photo shows that, and easily translates into any language, just like Snapfix is an easy tool for the Heart of House Department to communicate using pictures and tracking the progress.

Another reason why the Housekeeping Department uses photos is to keep the team up to date on any changes that may arise in the room setup. For example, say the property received a new amenity to add to the room, photos show how to be consistent where it is placed in every room. Or, while in the lobby, a light is out, but the lobby has many different lights. Using photos to communicate the location and type of light out saves time to complete the task.


As part of continuous training, audits are used as checks and balance tools to ensure the employees maintain immaculate cleanliness and standards. When leaders check on their team, they have a checklist to rate how the employee performs. Audits can be subjective; however, photos don't lie. Using pictures with the audit checklist, employees can easily see the areas they have missed and learn from the standard. Audits are also where leaders can track a common theme their team is missing to review during pre-shift meetings.

With the simplicity of Snapfix, employees are more receptive to using it. An improvement in the department culture is seen with the team onboard using Snapfix. They know the outcome with communicating and tracking the progress and holding ALL Departments accounted for in completing the task. Tasks are easier seen, and employees are more willing to convey defects. Eliminating the negative saying, "I reported this weeks ago." Or "Why should I report it? It never gets completed."


Snapfix has many other easy benefits for your hotel team to achieve service excellence. Contact us today to arrange a demo and get Snapfix working for your team.


Stephanie Leger is the Chief Excellence Officer of First Rate Hospitality Headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA. She has over 20 years of experience globally in hotel front & heart of house operations. Over the years, Stephanie has provided countless reviews of operational evaluations and trained service standards worldwide to elevate service excellence. In addition, her passion for creating employee performance development and engagement has led to learning multiple cultural backgrounds.

To learn more about how Snapfix can be used in your property, check out our Hospitality use case page here.

Booking a demo is easy, contact our team here.

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