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Leveraging The Eyes And Ears Of Your Staff

April 19 2022

Employees are the forefront of any good business and enabling them to use their eyes and ears more attentively will lead to better results all round.

How to leverage the eyes and ears of your staff?


Having staff participate in team building exercises allows for them to build confidence between each other to converse and trust when certain problems arise. By creating a bond between staff, they will less likely be afraid to report an issue or pointing out a potential fail point. 

Delegating work and giving staff the opportunity to explore their own techniques when getting things done can allow for ‘self starters’ and self directed people to thrive and build confidence within their skillset. This will motivate them to be more focused on the work environment and train their eyes and ears to keep engaged for a longer period of time.

Giving staff the chance to regularly communicate through team meetings enables the prevention of communication breakdown and allows for staff to be vocal about what they regularly see or hear. 

Why would you want to leverage the eyes and ears of your staff?

  • Increased focus of staff leading to a higher professional standard.
  • Drives accountability as staff is more engaged with work.
  • Promotes communication within staff members. 
  • Allows staff with problem solving skills to thrive to benefit business output.  

Leveraging the eyes and ears of your staff with Snapfix

Snapfix empowers team members to be the eyes and ears of a business by easily reporting and resolving issues using the universal language of photos, messages and traffic lights, simply by using their mobile phone.

Streamlining communication and driving accountability is at the heart of what Snapfix is all about and is delivered in a time saving manner


To learn more about how Snapfix can help your team, check out our latest case study on The Armada Hotel here.


Booking a demo is easy, contact our team here.

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