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Johnstown Estate Hotel & Spa - Case Study

March 1 2023

Over coffee, we learned from Paul how Snapfix has enabled him to manage the maintenance of the hotel, using his smartphone.

“We started using Snapfix a year ago and now we use the system every day. Our estate here in Johnstown includes the hotel and 120 acres of grounds, a beautiful newly renovated Elemis Spa, and extensive food and beverage outlets such as the award-winning Fire and Salt restaurant. Snapfix has proven to be extremely useful to my team, and more than 30 staff have the app on their phones.



Before Snapfix, we were using Oracle Opera for maintenance, and we would print off a list of daily tasks every morning.

But for any immediate issues, we used a combination of phone calls, texts and WhatsApp. The challenge there was never knowing when a task was actually completed, and how much time was involved.

Since we have implemented Snapfix everything is trackable.  We now have a clear picture of how productive our team is.

Most of all, when we have a new task to do, I am confident that the maintenance team knows exactly what needs to be done, and communication has been much improved. I see huge benefits for multilingual teams.



Compliance for fire safety is one of our key uses for Snapfix. We use NFC Smart Tags on fire extinguishers as part of this process, proving that each fire extinguisher has been regularly inspected.

We do two fire-walks every 24 hours, and it’s all recorded simply on Snapfix. If an inspector visits we have proof that each area has been checked, with a printed record if needed. Also, we have our monthly fire extinguisher checks scheduled in Snapfix.




When we renovated the Hotel Spa recently, we had our contractors using Snapfix for snagging*. It was very useful to have a record that both the hotel team and the contractor could use for managing the project.

We also use Snapfix for scheduled tasks, such as when housekeeping turns the mattresses, or descale the shower heads. From a housekeeping perspective it is very useful to know when we need to do things like clean curtains or vacuum under the beds.

All these little bits and pieces were things that we recorded manually before Snapfix.

When we have our preventative maintenance systems in place everything runs smoothly. Every HOD (Head of Department) has Snapfix on their phone, and if they have an issue to resolve it starts with a photo.


It’s been a dream since we got Snapfix, and I have the confidence now that my rooms are in good working order.

My priority is to know that my hotel product is perfect, and that’s exactly why we use Snapfix.”





* In the US, the term for snagging is ‘punch lists’



To learn more about how Snapfix can be used in your hotel, check out our case study on The Plaza Hotel here.

If you are interested in booking a demo, contact our team here.

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