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How To Streamline Work Order Management

July 13 2022

In a world where everything is becoming digitized, maintenance management is no exception. According to a survey completed in 2022, by Plant Engineering, 89% of facilities in the US use CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) to support maintenance efforts. But why? With CMMS having a significant impact on the profitability of any company, managers are choosing not to leave maintenance management to chance.

Whilst traditional work order management can be completed by placing pen to paper, this method can be cumbersome and timely. You run the risk of making errors whilst creating a work order or misplacing them. Maintenance managers require the utmost efficiency and CMMS offers them just that. It optimizes their productivity and helps them in making informed decisions.

Work order management can be defined as a structured method to process work orders from start to finish and the increasing popularization of transferring a once manual system into CMMS is becoming a big part of the future. It is now a key process in business activities.


CMMS is a software package designed to simplify and streamline maintenance processes into a single database. Using CMMS for work order management makes it easy to navigate and manage your work orders and requests due to having a centralized database. 

When using CMMS, you have a limitless database to keep tabs on your maintenance operations and inventory which is far more efficient than countless spreadsheets. What’s more, by going paperless, you contribute toward a more sustainable future. You can easily track the progression of work orders all whilst saving valuable time. CMMS is designed to facilitate large quantities of data which unfolds limitless opportunities for trend analyses. 

CMMS makes the scheduling of preventive maintenance more accessible which in turn prevents downtime of assets and cost of repairs, once implemented properly. It is estimated that by using CMMS, businesses can save 15-30% of their maintenance budget. Less costs means better budgeting and better budgeting means bigger margins! 

It is easy to keep tabs on your employees which increases productivity and because everyone is on the same page using the same system, consistency and compliance naturally follow suit.

According to a CMMS research paper, published in 2020, “technology can have a huge impact on operating costs, quality and productivity of work, employment and business profits.” With CMMS becoming a matter of necessity to keep in competition rather than a choice, it is clear the trajectory of this software is only going up.


Snapfix’s process is streamlined even more so than other CMMS due to the visual nature of the platform.

  1. Snap a Photo to create a task
  2. Organize tasks into Groups and Assign 
  3. Schedule and Prioritize tasks with the task scheduler feature
  4. Track task progress using the universal traffic light system 
  5. Analyze and download reports using the Snapfix dashboard 

A very common issue with CMMS implementation surrounds its accessibility and user interface. With Snapfix we have centralized our platform around simplicity. Everyone can understand a photo and there is no tracking system more straightforward than traffic lights. 


Snapfix ensures you utilize best practices when it comes to work order management such as:

  • Categorization of work orders
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Easy scheduling for preventive maintenance
  • Easy task execution using a traffic light system
  • 360-degree view using the dashboard for analysis

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Computerized maintenance management systems are the future for work order management. From improving profitability to preventing downtime of assets and minimizing repair costs, to saving time and energy, CMMS is certainly here to stay. So are you convinced?

To learn more about how Snapfix can help your team streamline its work order management, book your free trial here.

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