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Clean The World - How recycling hotel soaps is saving lives

August 25 2023

In the world consumed with the idea of sustainability, an unlikely, simple practice has emerged as a life-saving innovation: recycling hotel soaps. This unique approach not only helps hotels to reduce their waste but also makes a huge impact on hygiene and health in vulnerable communities. Here, we will dive into the inspiring story of how recycling hotel soaps is playing a crucial role in saving lives and improving the level of sanitation all around the world. 


The Journey of Hotel Soap Recycling: 

Historically, hotel soaps have been seen as an overlooked and often unimportant aspect of a hotel that is discarded after a single use, contributing to tons of waste every year. However, a growing number of hotels have begun to recognize the potential of repurposing these discarded soaps for a greater good. Through partnerships with non-profit organisations, these hotels are collecting, sanitising, and repackaging the soap to provide it to communities in need. 



How Hotel Soap Recycling Saves Lives

Improved Hygiene: In many developing regions, access to basic hygiene products is limited, leading to preventable diseases and infections. By recycling and redistributing soap, communities gain access to a vital tool for proper handwashing and hygiene, reducing the risk of illnesses. 

Disease Prevention: Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of diseases such as diarrhoea, which is a leading cause of death in children under five. Recycled hotel soap contributes to disease prevention and saves lives, particularly among vulnerable populations. 


Environmental Impact: Recycling hotel soaps not only addresses hygiene concerns but also has a positive environmental impact. By diverting these soaps from landfills, hotels contribute to waste reduction and promote a circular economy.


Empowerment and Dignity: Access to basic hygiene is a matter of dignity. Recycled soap not only improves health outcomes but also empowers individuals, especially women and children, to maintain their well-being and lead healthier lives.


The Collaborative Effort: 

Recycling hotel soaps involves collaboration among hotels, non-profit organisations, and local communities. Hotels collect partially used soap bars, which are then sanitised and processed by partnering organisations. The sanitised soap is then distributed to schools, clinics, and communities in need. 


Inspiring Examples

Clean the World: This non-profit organisation partners with hotels to collect, recycle, and distribute soap and hygiene products to disadvantaged communities globally. Since its inception, Clean the World has distributed millions of soap bars, helping prevent illnesses and promote better health. 


Soap Aid: Operating in Australia, Soap Aid collects discarded hotel soaps, repurposes them, and distributes them to vulnerable communities both locally and internationally. 



Recycling hotel soaps transcends the realms of waste reduction and environmental responsibility. It's a powerful initiative that directly impacts lives by improving hygiene, preventing diseases, and providing dignity to those in need. Through the collaborative efforts of hotels, non-profit organisations, and local communities, this simple act of recycling is transforming lives, one soap bar at a time. The story of hotel soap recycling is a testament to the positive change that can arise when sustainability meets compassion and innovation. 


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