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An Overview of Team Collaboration Software

January 3 2023

collaboverview2With the increasing significance of teamwork and communication in the success of many businesses, the importance of team collaboration software has never been more apparent, and many companies have begun to buy into its benefits.


Almost 70% of employees rely on team collaboration tools to communicate better and complete their work. While emails are handy, they only work as a one-way communication tool, not the team collaboration channel employees need. Employees need to share ideas, know what they are striving towards, give and receive feedback, understand what they are supposed to do each day, etc., and emails cannot provide realistic interaction to make this work.


Team collaboration tools bridge the gap between colleagues as well as the gap between employees and management. It makes life easier, allowing businesses to hustle more with little stress.


This article looks at team collaboration software, its advantages, factors to consider and how collaboration software like Snapfix provides a better workflow for your business. 


Evolution of Team Collaboration Software


Team collaboration software has existed for quite a while now. Team collaboration software is not a new invention but has evolved significantly from what it used to be.


collaboverview3The concept of collaboration has consistently received adulation as a vital part of any business. But its implementation was severely lacking in the past. Even the invention of the first groupware, Lotus Notes, in 1989 did little to allay any fears, as its deployment saw a slow growth in the 1990s despites its remarkable possibilities. Expansion only began when Microsoft joined the corporate email market and the acquisition of lotus by IBM in the mid-90s.


The emergence of internet emails, corporate intranet, and the increasing interest in knowledge management saw a renewed interest in developing team collaboration software in the late-90s. New entries such as Open Text and Intraspect offered more features that filled the noticeable gaps in Microsoft's and IBM's entries during that period.


In recent years, the development of team collaboration software has seen new dimensions to collaboration, offered in the form of web-based environments, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer communication due to the advancement in internet technologies. More and more vendors have led to a dynamic and fragmented market for team collaboration software. This has ushered in a new generation of collaboration platforms that supports both formal and informal collaboration from the bottom-up requirement of communities and teams and the top-down requirements for management and process control.


Advantages of Team Collaboration Software


Arguably, the most significant benefit of team collaboration software is the ability to increase the productivity of employees. It offers direct access to all information employees need, including upcoming, ongoing, and completed tasks in real-time, removing the need to contact management or other team members. This ensures that employees become accountable, thus driving productivity. It is also one of the reasons why the best collaboration software is necessary for project management.


Communication is the bedrock of effective team collaboration. There is no denying the level of connectivity that team collaboration software offers have made companies more efficient. Inter and Intra departmental communication, including guest add-ons for contractors, is much easier allowing various departments to coordinate swiftly and seamlessly towards company goals.


Another benefit is increased employee engagement levels, which results in increased productivity. With the right team collaboration tools, everything from customer services and support through synergy among employees and management to the company's profit margins enjoys significant boosts.




Factors to Consider


There are two major factors to consider when evaluating team collaboration software. These factors include price and ease of use.


Team collaboration software does not come cheap, and as companies' needs grow, so does the number of collaboration software required in most cases. Therefore, it is vital to a company's success that the company chooses the most cost-effective team collaboration software. 


The ease of use of any team collaboration software is necessary as the time taken to learn the tool can affect productivity. Not every employee is proficient with technology like this, so integrating team collaboration software into daily workplace living might fail to make the expected impact if the software is not easy to use straight out of the box.


However, there are ways to circumvent both issues; Use a single collaboration tool that integrates the best features that match the company's needs and possesses an intuitive design that requires little to no learning curve for all users. 


Making the most out of available funds is fundamental to the success of any business, so making a list of the company's needs and benefits before choosing a team collaboration software will narrow the choices. Doing this allows companies to search for the tools that meet their needs while saving money on the best pricing.


Streamline Your Workflow without Additional Stress Using Snapfix


hospitality-2phonesUnleash the potential of your workforce with the most sought-after team collaboration tool on the market. Snapfix provides a singular workspace that combines all the best features of any collaboration tool allowing for a streamlined workflow, reducing stress, and increasing efficiency in every department.


Not only is Snapfix easy to use with almost no learning curve, but it is also very affordable. But that is not the only reason why it is the top-rated team collaboration software for top brands like DHL, Toyota, US Express, Radisson Blu, and Fexco.


With Snapfix, employees can access daily tasks with ease. As a matter of fact, they receive notifications and alerts for every task assigned. Gone are the days of chasing after emails, phone calls, or post-it notes, as Snapfix keeps employees in the loop of all the things that need to get done.


Snapfix has an integrated messaging platform for all tasks, ensuring streamlined communication among colleagues and various departments. Employees and management can provide updates, share ideas and vital documents, ask questions, and show appreciation on the fly. It also uses a unique traffic light system to show what's left to do, what's in progress, and what is completed. When these features are combined with labels, it allows for detailed reporting on the types of issues employees are handling.


With Snapfix, work feels like fun, and instinctively collaboration begins to happen. Explore more ways Snapfix benefits your company today.

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