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Go Green with Snapfix

These days everyone is looking for ways to harness their environmental impact, and becoming certifiably sustainable is a top business goal for many. Whether that be through conserving energy or reducing food waste, it all contributes towards a better planet.


The notion of a circular economy is something we are all striving towards globally. In a circular economy waste production is prevented in a cycle of reduce, reuse, recycle. For most businesses this idea has come to the forefront over recent years and sustainable maintenance in business has never been more crucial. It has become apparent that we all should be reusing and recycling everything for as long as possible.

Recently our maintenance team at Snapfix HQ repurposed a broken wheelie bin into a protective lock for an electric car charging point. This is just one simple example of contributing towards a circular economy and anyone can do it!


The maintenance department is often the centre of environmental policies as maintenance plays a crucial role in the sustainability of any business. This is because it prolongs asset life and improves operations. With the objective of any business to minimise repairs and maintenance costs and extend asset longevity, sustainable maintenance is the solution.

Preventative maintenance optimises the lifespan of infrastructure and equipment whilst also being cost-effective. It plays a huge role in sustainable maintenance as it prevents an issue from arising by using routine maintenance instead of allowing assets to run to failure. Equipment will last longer which means less waste from assets. Ensuring that you consider the environmental impact of your decision when determining a maintenance plan is a step in the right direction.


Oftentimes the idea of being sustainable can seem more complex than it really is. It can be a challenge for managers to make these changes and succeed within a short period of time. At Snapfix we are obsessed with simplicity and time saving. Snapfix is designed with global benefit at the centre. One of these benefits being sustainability. It ensures preventative maintenance measures are followed to guarantee a positive impact on the environment. By using Snapfix paper waste is reduced by at least 50% as it automates the process by eliminating spreadsheets. Not only are you helping the environment, you are also saving valuable time! By integrating simplicity and maintenance we can remedy the pain points every manager faces when dealing with maintenance plans.


Snapfix is proud to have amazing customers who value sustainability and Wren Urban Nest, Dublin is one of these! They are aspiring to become Ireland’s most sustainable hotel and utilises Snapfix to help achieve this! Impressively they use 100 per cent renewable energy and have great initiatives regarding recycling waste. From ethical toiletries to an advanced HVAC system to optimise energy, Wren Urban Nest have sustainability figured out! On their website they quote: “We want to ensure we’re not only limiting our impact on the environment, but actively making it better.” Wren Urban Nest are a fan of using sustainable technology to run their hotel and Snapfix does just that for them.

By ensuring we take environmental responsibility and ask ourselves if our actions contribute toward a circular economy, we can create sustainable progress and value within our businesses whilst improving social and economic elements simultaneously.

To learn more about how Snapfix can help your team, check out our latest case study on The Alloy Philadelphia here.

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Hotels are losing 30+ hours by not using CMMS for Hotel Maintenance

In the fast-paced world of maintenance operations, efficiency is key. That's where a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) comes into play - a game-changer for hotels looking to take their maintenance operations to the next level. A CMMS software for hotels helps streamline and optimize the entire hotel maintenance process. This cutting-edge technology does everything from scheduling and tracking work orders to managing inventory and generating reports. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks and hello to more efficient and organized maintenance operations. Whether you're in manufacturing, healthcare, or any industry that requires regular maintenance, implementing CMMS software for hotels is a no-brainer. It's time to embrace the power of technology and revolutionize the way you handle maintenance with CMMS for hotels. 

It is surprising to know that despite the availability of such advanced systems, many hotels still rely on outdated workflows for their maintenance teams. Traditionally, hotels have been using pen, paper, and radio to organize and track maintenance activities. The focus was more on taking action rather than recording data. Centralizing data from work orders, inspections, and preventive maintenance was a manual and painstaking process, with little confidence in the reliability of insights. It's time for hotels to recognize the benefits of embracing modern technology and switch to a CMMS for hotel maintenance operations. By doing so, they can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and gain better control over their maintenance activities. It's time to leave behind the pen, paper, and radio to step into the future of maintenance management.

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  • Lack of centralized data
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